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How taking a seat can help curb work related stress

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

As Northern Ireland’s Covid-19 restrictions relax, managing work related stress and mental wellbeing has never been more important. Many people are returning to office-based work after months. The toll of the pandemic on our mental health and wellbeing remains unclear but what is certain is that we need to take steps to reduce the long term impact.


One solution is seated acupressure massage, also known as on site massage or corporate massage. Seated Acupressure provides numerous benefits including a reduction in: backache, repetitive strain injury, headaches, anxiety, irritability, insomnia and much more.

How does it work?

This treatment is a combination of Anma and Shiatsu massage techniques. Thumb, finger, elbow and knuckle pressure are used over the many acupressure points of the 12 major meridians on the back, hands, arms, neck and head. The client is fully dressed and sits in an ergonomic designed portable chair that supports the body in total comfort. There is no need for oils and as a result can be carried out in busy office environments.

Workplace priority

According to HSENI in an article published on World Mental Health day in 2020: “The unprecedented impact of the current pandemic has affected the mental health of millions of people.” They continued by saying that work-related stress was a significant issue in Northern Ireland and that it was one of three workplace health priority areas for HSENI.

Figures from the organisation further highlighted the impact of work-related stress. “In 2018/19 an estimated 16,000 people in NI workplaces suffered from stress, anxiety or depression caused or made worse by work. During the same period it’s believed some 373,000 working days were lost to the local economy though associated staff absences.”

In another article: About HSENI's Mental Well-being at Work Advisory Service, What is work-related stress? they explained the many benefits to managing work related stress. Some of these included economic and individual aspects such as “reduced costs of sick pay, sickness cover, overtime and recruitment,” and an increase in morale.


Holistic - Health Matters believes that offering corporate massage for your workplace is a great way to help boost morale and reduce work related stress. It is a great wellbeing initiative that your business can take to show your employees you care about them.

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