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Expressive Echos

Expressive Echos

The blue tones will help balance and connect you to your throat chakra, while the orange will help your sacral chakra. It is handcrafted using acrylic paint. It measures 45cm diameter . Finished with varnish for protection. Only one available.


In many cultures the mandala is both a spiritual ritual and symbol that represents the Universe, the infinite cycle of life and the interconnectedness of all things. Mandala, or “circle” in Sanskrit is a circular geometric pattern that is used in meditation. It is thought that focusing on the patterns helps clear the mind and allow for greater self reflection and inner peace. It is also thought that the use of certain colours can align the chakras and help balance the body’s energy flow.


Free Shipping on UK orders. Orders are dispatched within 2 - 5 working days (unless stated otherwise).


Return Policy

* 14 Days from date of purchase to return your order.

* Email before sending your order back to us.

* Returned orders must be sent back in the original packaging and in the same condition it left our premises.

* Your refund will be issued (excluding any shipping costs) within 7 working days of receiving your return.

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